10 Interesting Finger-Print Facts

10 Interesting Finger-Print Facts

1. Our fingerprints are developed while we’re still in the womb and are unique based on our movement, location in the womb and composition of our mother’s amniotic fluid. – Source

2. The world’s oldest fingerprint was discovered in Kuwait on a piece of broken clay pot dating from the Stone Age. The print is 7,300 years old. – Source

3. A 73-year-old woman bought a painting from a thrift store for $5 only to later discover that thanks to a fingerprint on the canvas, it was actually an unsigned Jackson Pollock worth millions of dollars. – Source

4. William Herschel 2nd was the first person to use fingerprints on contracts. Also, he was the son of astronomer John Herschel who invented photography, who was also the son of William Herschel discoverer of Uranus among other things. – Source

5. Rolls-Royce offers a course called “White Glove Experience” to teach chauffeur’s how to, among other things, minimize fingerprints on door handles and brake the car without kickback. – Source

6. Cops “mark” your driver’s side tail light or trunk with their fingerprints when they pull you over, just in case something goes bad for them. – Source

7. If a dead body goes undiscovered long enough for skin-slip to start and there’s no one to identify the body, forensics can cut the skin around your wrist, slip the skin off, and wear it like a glove in order to get the fingerprints1. – Source

8. Adermatoglyphia is a disease where people are born without fingerprints. It is exceedingly rare, affecting only four known extended families worldwide. – Source

9. Identical twins are indistinguishable via DNA testing, but fingerprints can still tell them apart. – Source

10. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker of Southern California in the 1980’s, was one of the first criminals apprehended by the use of the DOJ’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System. – Source

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